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HEX TIE BY ENRIQUE ALEJANDRO PERAL debuted merely four months ago and already client outreach has surpassed 63 countries. Since its inception, HEX TIE has been dubbed a revolution in the clothing industry due to the tie’s unique designs and unconventional overlay. HEX TIE has become synonymous with innovation and timelessness, creating a new refreshing look for the modern man; nonetheless what seems to be flourishing at warp speed are the celebrities wearing HEX TIE and its fast growing fan base.

In just one week, two celebrities wore HEX TIE to red carpet events. Latin music star, Romeo Santos, rocked a Hex Tie Chroma and went home with six Premios lo Nuestro; shortly after, Ryan K Potter, lead voice of Disney’s new movie Big Hero 6, wore the Emirates Gold Tie to the Oscars 2015, where the movie won Best Animated Film. The tie has also been featured on Beats by Dr. Dre commercial worn by Denver Bronco’s NFL star, Von Miller. Also Hip Hop star, T-Pain, has been seen in social events such as GQ All Star party wearing HEX TIE. Not only does the brand have a loyal celebrity following, in four short months it has also built a huge social media fan base with more than 60,000 followers, making HEX TIE a powerful influence on men’s fashion. Who knows what their next daring move will be?

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