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7 Out of the Box Office Fashion Hacks for Men

7 Out of the Box Office Fashion Hacks for Men

1. Skip solid, go floral

Men have always had a question if they can wear a floral shirt to the office. Why not?! is the question.

Choose the print and pattern based on your body type. Go for a long sleeve floral printing and avoid large, flashy and loud prints for those you have a plus-sized body.
If you are stuck in between, then remember to choose subtle colors in shades with monochrome prints.


2. Make plain black or blue pair of jeans your companion

Substitute the old cotton trousers with relaxed plain black or blue pair of jeans. Couple it with a neat tucked in shirt or subtle polos.

You can also swap it with beige or ivory chinos plants. These look trendy yet formal.
Avoid picking skinny, faded or rugged pair of jeans as these are too loud and casual for the workplace.

3. Change the rule, try acrylic ties

Ties signal honor and respect in the field of professionalism.
We have always constricted ourselves to the traditional polyester/microfiber ties. It’s time to go beyond and try the light-weight acrylic ties to bring out the absolute confidence in you.
Don’t forget to check out the lightweight eclectic designs from the house of hex.
You can choose from the variety from subtle black to luxurious gold or silver.

4. Break the barrier and choose a colorful yet classy belt

We have always chosen either black or brown for the centerpiece of your attire, it’s now time to give some life to our daily belts.

Try bright or pastel colors complimenting the mood of your attire.
Check out the premium handcrafted reversible belts from Hex. They made sure that the other side of the belt does not go unnoticed and helped us in getting 2 belts at the price of one.
Buckle also needs your attention as it plays a prominent role in defining your attire. Check out the range of buckles based on their finish type such as gold, chrome, rose gold or brushed, etc. from Hex and keep switching them.

5. Walk away from boring black and brown office bags

Choosing office bags have always been traditional. We have never looked beyond black or brown messenger bags or regular backpacks.
It’s time to break the norms and explore colors and patterns!
The house of Hex has come up with an idea of infusing bright colors with the traditional black.
Try the colorful and crocodile pattern business bags offered by Hex to exude the perfect blend of style and attitude.

6. Don’t limit yourself to formal shoes, leather sandals are also a good idea

Men have never looked for alternatives when it comes to office footwear. It’s time to give some air to your feet and let it breathe.

Decide if you want your toes to be free or should remain caged and then go for a closed or open-toe leather sandals.

7. Forget fixing your shirt every hour, keep it tucked all day long

You hate rushing to restrooms to fix your shirt that lost its shape because of the physical activities at work after spending an ample amount of time getting dressed to the office.
Tucked trunks listened to our thoughts and shaped it in the form of a magic brief that holds your shirt intact all day long.

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