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10 Fashion Essentials for Your Big Day

10 Fashion Essentials for Your Big Day

Planning to tie the knot this wedding season?

You definitely need these essential fashion accessories to make you look "The man of the day!"

Here are 10 Fashion Essentials for Your Big Day


It’s not always the ladies who are dressed up for the wedding day. First thing first - Decide if you want to go with a Suit or a Tuxedo.
Tuxedos are considered as evening attire (never wear it before 5 PM). It would have satin incorporated on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim and a side stripe down the leg of the trousers. Wear a tuxedo if you can pull it off with a bow tie.
A suit will have the buttons of the same fabric as the coat. A suit can never go wrong for the occasion but has to be balanced with all the elements.
Wear a long tie and high stance vest with a suit or if you choose to go with tuxedo wear bow ties and low stance vests. You can read a detailed blog on suit and tuxedo here.
Hextie Wedding Guide
Remember; never button your bottom button!

Top Tip: Go for a suit if you are planning to wear a belt on your wedding day. Check out our premium belt collection here.


Cufflinks are essential to fasten your shirt cuffs alternative to the buttons. Decide on the material you would want to wear. If you are planning to wear a black-tie then go for a classic silver or rose gold color with a slight detailing on it. If you wish to wear a white tie choose a pearl cufflink. You can also personalize your cufflink and engrave the letter of your better half. Check out 18K Gold Cufflink handcrafted by Hextie for your big day here.
Remember; to be stylish you have to keep it simple.
Hextie Gold Cufflinks

3.Wrist Watch

Hide this precious subtle accessory under your suit cuff and let it peek sometime to get that extra attention on your big day.
Go for a thin classic rectangular in shape or a circular modern dial but not oversized.

4.Neck or bow tie 

Choose your tie based on the fabric of your suit.
A bow tie – goes well with tuxedos for an evening function. Pair it with solid color suits and pleated shirts. Always wear a self-tied bow instead of pre-tied and clip-on.
Hextie Bow tie
If you plan to wear a suit go for the neck tie because it can never go wrong with your attire and comfort.
Hextie Honeycomb

Remember; a tie hanging lose does not look neat; make sure it’s tight enough!

Explore the modern collection of Bow ties and Neck ties from Hextie.

5.Tie Clip

You do not want to let your tie swing from its place and make your appearance misaligned on your big day. So use the tie clip and position it between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt to keep your tie straight and to complete your attire.
Hextie Tie Clip

Remember; while focusing on keeping your tie straight do not forget to keep the tie clip straight too. Both go hand in hand!

Check out our tie clip collection here.

6.Pocket square

Give a little attention to the breast pocket of your suit with a pocket square. Use a small light-weight silk fabric so that it does not create a bulk after making a fold.
Hextie Honeycomb Gold and Pocket Square
Remember; you still need a handkerchief, keep this in the back or front trouser pockets, or inside the lower jacket pockets/inside pockets. Have a look at our pocket square collection here.


It’s better to lose your belt on this day but make sure you get your trousers well-tailored.
Hextie Belt
If you still wish to wear one go for leather black belts to suit it up with your suit.
Remember; do not think of this accessory if you have got tuxedo in your mind. If you wish to include belt to your attire check these premium leather belts from the house of Hextie.

8.Shoes and socks

Shoes and socks never go un-noticed so plan to shed some extra bucks on these. Go for the shoes that would blend with your suit.
Remember; do not forget to polish your shoes to keep it shining on your big day. This could ruin it all! 


This is a must on your wedding day. Choose one that would last for the entire day and remembered forever.
Remember; you are remembered by the cologne you wear.

Top tip: try layering your normal perfume with a new one. 

10.Boxer Brief (Shirt Tucker)  

Keeping your shirt tucked is of utmost importance because you do not want to be embarrassed of your shirt coming un-tucked on this day.
Tucked Trunks
Look to tuck the excess fabric with the boxer briefs available at Tuckedtrunks

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