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How to Tie a Tie: Easiest Ways to Tie A Tie

How To Tie A Tie?

Ties have been an essential part of men’s wardrobe no matter what their age is. But nowadays, ties are mainly used for formal occasions only. The main reason for this is because most men cannot tie a tie. Although the task of tying a tie is something very simple, most men cannot do it. This is why they prefer going for clip-on ties or bow ties.

A perfect colored tie with the right knot can change the whole look of your outfit. You can even experiment with different tie knots instead of going for the basic regular one. It will not only make you look classy but will boost your confidence as well.

If you want to know more about ties and how to tie them, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Just keep reading below and you will find out everything that you need to know about wearing a tie and how to tie them.

Why Should You Add a Tie to Your Look?

Still unsure about adding a tie to your basic outfit? Let’s take a look at the many benefits of adding a tie to your look below.

  • Ties Make You Stand Out
Hextie - How to tie a tie

Wearing a tie will surely make you stand out among other people especially with a Hextie. By setting yourself apart from others, this will help the correct people to take a notice of you. If this is what you are searching for then you should definitely start wearing a tie !

  • Gives You Confidence

Wearing a tie will not only make you stand out among others but when people will start noticing you more, it will also give you the confidence that you need. So, whether going to a meeting or a date, wear a tie and see the impression it makes on others.

  • People Will Respect You More

Wearing a tie will gain you the respect of your many people including your employers. They will know that you made an effort and took extra time getting ready because you are wearing a tie. This gives them a signal of how dedicated you are to your job and the efforts you have made to groom yourself. So, if you want people to respect you more, you should definitely add ties to your daily outfits.

  • Neckties Give You A Professional Look

Hextie - Tie a Tie

If you want people to notice you more at the workplace, you should definitely add a tie to your office attire as well. Apart from making you stand out among the other workers, getting you the respect of your employers and colleagues, it will give you a professional look as well.

  • Wearing A Tie Enhances Your Face

Want to draw attention to your face? A tie is that part of your outfit that points directly at your face and makes people notice your facial expressions. When you wear a stylish tie like a Hextie, your personality becomes attractive and people will start noticing you more.

  • Adds Contrast To Your Outfit

Tired of wearing the same old boring clothes? Why not add a tie to them and make them more interesting. No matter what type of clothes you go for, a tie will change the whole look of your outfit by adding the right contrast to them. You can select different colors of ties for your outfit that would make them more interesting and appealing.

  • You Can Create A Variety Of Looks

Hextie - How to keep a tie tight

Sometimes it gets boring to wear the same old clothes again and again. Everyone wants some change in their looks. This change can easily be achieved with a tie now! You can create a variety of looks with different toe colors and different tie knots.

  • Women Love Men in Ties

Do you like a girl and want to impress her? You should definitely get a tie then. Women just love men in ties. So, head out to the store to buy a tie right now!

Different Types Of Tie Knots And How To Tie Them

When you start wearing a tie more often, you will notice the variety of tie knots that are available for you to select. Thus, you don’t have to go for the old boring style daily. You can pick a different style for each day. Also, different tie knots give a different message too.

So, if you want to go for different tie knots but don’t know how to tie them, then don’t worry. We have got you covered. Check out the different types of tie knots and how to tie them below.

  1. Four-In-Hand Tie Knot

Four in hand knot

Source: 101knots

This one is the most common type of tie knots used by the people. Also known as ‘schoolboy’ this knot is the best to use if your tie is made of heavier material. So, if you are wearing a shirt with smaller collars, you should definitely go for this tie knot.

How To Tie It?

  • Begin with placing the right end on the right
  • It should stretch out around 12 inches
  • At that point traverse the restricted end
  • Wrap both the ends
  • Then, get the wide end up and through the circle around your neck
  • Hold the front of the knot freely and bring the wide end down through the front circle
  • Finally, remove the finger and tighten the knot
  1. Windsor Knot

how to tie a windsor knot

Source: 101knots

This one is a triangular knot that goes very well with French colored shirts. You can even style it with a waistcoat. This knot is suitable for long ties. It is the British style knot that reflects excellence and style. As the name suggests, this tie knot was adapted from the style of a British duke named Windsor. The knot is also called ‘Double Windsor’ or ‘Scappino’.

How To Tie It?

  • Begin with wrapping the tie around your neck
  • The wide end of your tie should be placed on the right, reaching out around 14 inches
  • Afterward, pass the wider end through the loop between collar and tie
  • The wide end of the tie should go underneath the thin one and then you should pull it to one side. The rear of the tie's wide end should be seen
  • You should then make the wide end of the tie to go  through the loop created between the neck and the tie.
  • Pull the wide end of the tie downwards. This will help to adjust the wrapping
  • Then take the wide end and fold around the thin end so the front of the wide end can be seen once again
  • Get the wide end up through the loop once more
  • Finally, bring the wide end down through the front knot.
  1. Half-Windsor Knot


Source: 101knots

Single Windsor knot or half-Windsor knot is another method of tying a triangular tie knot. It is just like a Windsor knot but not as large.  This one is perfect for all the formal occasions and for the shirts that have open collars. No matter what type of fabric you are wearing, you can pair this style with any fabric.

How To Tie It?

  • Put the tie around your neck
  • The wider part should stretch up to 12 inches
  • Cross the wide end over the narrow one
  • Pass the wide end through the hole
  • Bring the wide end over the narrow one starting from the left
  • Repeat the same step
  • Pass the wider end through the front knot
  • Tighten the tie and place it at the center
  1. Pratt Knot


Looking for a tie knot to tie on both formal and informal occasions? Pratt knot is the right choice for you then. Also known as ‘Shelby Knot’ or the ‘Pratt-Shelby’, it requires less length than other knots. So, if you have a tie with a smaller length, then Pratt Knot is definitely the right choice for you.

How To Tie It?

  • Cross the wide end under the narrow one
  • Pull the wide end over the narrow
  • Tighten the knot after passing it through the gap
  • Cross both the ends horizontally
  • Pull the wide end through the front and tighten it
  1. Oriental Knot


The oriental knot is another simple knot that you can use for different occasions. It gives a very classy look and is very easy to tie as well. This knot is suitable for all types of shirts and collars and can be tied to every type of fabric. Whether you want a casual or a business look, this knot would go well with any of the looks you want to achieve.

How To Tie It?

  • Wear the tie around your neck
  • The longer and wider end must be positioned on your left
  • Pass the wide end through the smaller one
  • Repeat it and bring it back to the left
  • Pass the wide end through the loop
  • Bring the wide end down through the knot that you created
  • Tighten the knot and adjust it.

Some Tie Wearing Tips For You

Apart from knowing how to tie a tie, there are many other things that you should consider as well. So, if you want to know some tie-wearing tips, give it a read below.

  • Match Your Tie With Your Shirt

If you want to leave a nice impression on other people, you should always match your tie according to your shirt color. Do not go for tie colors that don’t compliment your shirts. This will only make people question your fashion sense instead of appreciating your style. So, always contrast your tie according to the color of your shirt.

  • Choose The Best Tie Colors

While you are out shopping for ties, always go for the best tie colors. You need to put a great deal of thought into selecting the color of your ties as it will reflect your whole personality. Therefore, do not pick out random tie colors. Go for the ones that are the best.

  • Match Your Tie With Your Shirt Collar

Another useful tip that we have in store for you is to match your ties according to the color of your shirt collars. This is a great way to contrast your ties and looks very decent as well. Apart from this, choosing the right type of knot according to the collar of the shirt that you are wearing is also very important.

  • Select The Perfect Tie Knots For Yourself

The tie color no doubt plays a great role in giving a good impression of yourself to others. But, tie knots are just as important as well. You should know that different tie knots go with different shirts. While some tie knots are for formal occasions, some are for informal ones. Therefore, you should pick the perfect tie knot for yourself based on the occasion and the outfit that you are wearing.

  • Do Not Let Wrinkles Get On Your Tie

Wrinkles on your tie are a big no! So, if you find your tie wrinkled, you should get rid of the wrinkles as soon as possible. Although wrinkles are unavoidable especially if your tie is made from heavy materials, they give a very bad impression. Therefore, try to avoid them as much as possible.

Ties no doubt play an important role in making an impression. Therefore, we should start normalizing their use in our daily lives and learn to tie different types of tie knots to bring a variety in our style.

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