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Luxury Belts for Men for Any Occasion

Luxury Belts for Men for Any Occasion

So you made it here and you want to find out what the best belts for men are right? good. That’s where we come in! First and foremost, let’s go over why you need a belt in the first place? Belts are an essential part to every mans wardrobe and it can be a style piece or more importantly, keep your pants from sagging down to your ankles haha!

Belts also say a lot about you and your personality. Some belts are conservative and some are very bold and dominant. Either types of belts are fine but we will dive more in depth as to which belts are appropriate for certain occasions and which ones you should avoid as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Belt

  1. Width

Casual belts have a tendency to be a bit wider than formal belts so you want to make sure that you know what you are wearing ahead of time (of course) and secondly, what belt will go with that outfit. For example: you don’t want to wear a formal belt with jeans, that just doesn’t fly.

2. Length

Arguably the most important piece to the puzzle is the length of the belt. I actually didn’t know this until I was teased because the length of my formal belt practically went halfway around to my back ! I just didn’t think anything of it at the time because I didn’t know any better but ever since then, I realized “length does matter” pun-intended. I was wearing an over-sized belt for my small 32 inch waist. However, with a casual belt you can get away with the belt “tail” meaning the extra belt left after you buckle it, can be a little longer without any problems but of course don’t be like me and have it almost halfway to your back… haha use your discretion here. Determining the proper length for your belt online can be a tricky task because you can’t wrap the belt around your waist and see how it looks like you can do in a store. I have found that choosing a length that is one or two sizes up from your normal size is the way to go. Plus nowadays, most of the stores online have guides that help you get the right sizing but as a rule of thumb, i’d stick with that for some wiggle room , and not a huge excess of tail left behind.

3. Buckle

This is probably my favorite part of buying belts: the buckle. The buckle says so much about you without you even knowing it. You can have a shy little buckle or you can have a power buckle that commands respect. Of course you don’t want to be one of those guys that shows up to a meeting with an american flag sized belt buckle that you bought on a late night infomercial… we’ve all seen those haha. Nothing wrong with them… just know where you are going and wear the proper buckle for the occasion. There is nothing wrong with wearing a nice buckle maybe a designer buckle that isn't just the ordinary boring buckle but keep it less flashy if it’s an office setting or a big meeting, you don’t want the focus of everything to be on your over-sized belt buckle.

4. Color

Probably the second most important part of choosing the right belt is to get the right color. Black, brown and tan are the most common colors for belt users. Your belt should always match your shoes. period. Well, in casual situations it’s not necessary but if you are in a formal setting, it is very important to match the color belt to your shoes or at least get as close a match as you can. Never wear a black belt and brown shoes or vice versa, it just doesn’t look good.

The Top 5 Best Belts for Men 2020

1. Hextie Canary 18k Plated Belt

What type of belt is this?

The Canary 18k plated belt above is meant for a formal setting. You can pair these down with regular jeans if you’d like (which has been done in the past) but in our personal opinion, they look way better with a nice suit & matching shoes of course.

Where to buy? Here

2. Tucked Trunks Cappuccino Belt

What type of belt is this?

The Cappuccino belt by Tucked Trunks would fall under the category of: Formal Belts

Although it can be dressed down, I personally wear it in only formal attire i.e a nice suit and tie.

This one of our favorite belts next to the Hextie belt collection. It’s a very high quality piece and is reversible with black leather on the back or front whichever way you want to call it. It pairs up very well with dress shoes for formal occasions and the buckle is just right. It’ s not too dramatic or over-sized at all.

Where to buy?

3. Hugo Boss Reversible Belt

What type of belt is this?

Unlike the belts above , this reversible Hugo Boss belt is more casual by default. It’s a lot wider and the belt buckle is that of a casual style belt. I would not recommend wearing this particular belt in a formal setting especially if you are wearing a suit and tie.

Where to buy? Here

4. Tommy Hilfiger Dress Belt

What type of belt is this?

This is one of my favorite dress belts by Tommy Hilfiger. I wear it personally and I love the subtle pattern throughout the belt. This belt is subtle for a more formal occasion. Make sure that when you order this belt (if you decide to give it a try) Go one size up. When I first got this belt I ordered my size 32 waist and I didn’t have a hole to put it through. Thankfully, I ordered it on Amazon and I was able to return it for the larger size. So I definitely recommend going up a size .

Where to buy? Here

5. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

What type of belt is this?

This belt can be worn as dress or casual style. The Ferragamo belt is a staple piece as well and should only be worn with a suit. It is such a classy statement piece and always garners up a conversation like with the Cappuccino belt. Ironically, the Cappuccino belt by Tucked Trunks gets quite a bit more compliments than the Ferragamo belt due to its uniqueness. The Ferragamo belt is made in Italy and does carry a hefty price tag but with the price it is a very durable product and if you had to buy one very expensive belt in your lifetime, i’d definitely save up and get the Ferragamo belt.

Where to buy? Here

Final Thoughts

No matter which belt you decide to go with, make sure that it is a belt that you like. That is the most important thing. It has to fit your personality, your style and your ambition. If you are just getting into the belt game now, it’s always a good idea to start off slowly and then gradually get belts with nicer buckles like the ones mentioned in this article which can become a statement piece and spark up conversations with people, it’s a really good way to receive a compliment and break the ice

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