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Best Men's Ties 2020

Did you know neckties were first used to keep men’s shirt collars together?

Gradually over time, it evolved into a fashion statement. Neckties are now used by men of all ages and professions. Whether you are going for a business meeting, church on a Sunday, a wedding,  luncheon, or something as simple as a date night, a tie can add ten folds to your fashion statement. Men’s fashion is nearly incomplete without a necktie. Although it seems like a simple accessory, sometimes even considered boring, if chosen wisely, ties are the best way to express your taste in fashion. 

Now the question is, do you know which tie to choose? It’s very important to select the right tie. The one that expresses your style best and is fit for the occasion If you are not sure, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through.

Choosing The Right Tie:

To ace your tie game, you’ll have to consider three factors:

  • Occasion - showing up in a cartoon character tie at a wedding, may express your style, but may look inappropriate and go against the rules of formal dressing. Likewise, wearing something similar to an interview may also not register the right impression.

  • Your style - anything that you feel most comfortable wearing. It can also be something that you choose to wear to stand out from the crowd.

  • Budget - the second most important factor when it comes to choosing a tie. You can get a variety of ties in as low as $15 or as high as $200. While the style and print may not be widely different, the quality sure is. 

  • Quality - the most important of all factors. Quality and budget are directly proportional. The pricier the tie, the better the quality, although we believe anything basic above the $40 mark is unjustified. However if you want something that will set you apart from the crowd, a Hextie will definitely do the job!

How To Find The Right Quality Tie In Your Budget?

Like most things, a tie can either make or break your look. Hence, as much as the style of the tie matters, the quality of the material and stitching matters too. 

When looking for a business or formal attire tie, look for 100% pure silk material. Although pricey, pure silk ties last longer and add the right touch of luxury and class to your style. 

While you may opt for other materials such as polyester, linen, and cotton, make sure to make no compromise on the stitching of the tie. 

Most expensive, A-quality ties are hand-stitched to perfection, while many are thrown under the machine, which although have proven to be cost-effective but not nearly as neat as the handcrafted ones. 

Other details that craft a good quality tie are:

  • Ends well pressed and knitted - helps keep the tie in shape.
  • Cut in bias - restrains the tie from turning over and losing shape when tied.
  • The tie has a keeper - which keeps the tail end of the tie tucked in. 


Our top picks:

Luxurious All-Rounder:

Beginning with an all-rounder, British based luxury brand tie that is a keeper. Although it comes with a heavy price tag, This tie is one of the finest Burberry ties, which is to last you a lifetime. Wear it to a professional event or at private gatherings; either way, it is sure to give your attire a luxurious feel. 

A Classic Business Formal:

Moving on to the classic options that are best for everyday office wear. 

Another British based retailer by the name brooks brother. This standard-sized tie(extra-long size also available), made of pure silk woven in Italy, flown to the US for manufacturing. 

The bold diagonal stripes going right to the left, are a perfect pattern for all office attires. Whether you are heading in for a meeting or a usual office day, this brook brother tie is the perfect pick. 


Another pick from the same brand is their Dot Rep Tie in the silver and navy combination. A perfect pattern of small navy polka dots placed all over a shiny pure silk silver tie. Perfect for business formals and even night out with your girl! 

Edgy Prom/Wedding Formal Tie:

Looking for a formal wedding attire tie? Look no further than this super chic Giorgio Armani satin silk tie. The color and shine match most wedding attires, while the all-over sign print gives it an edgy, more futuristic look. You can also go for the Hextie Honeycomb tie. This tie is made of lightweight matte black polymers embodying the shape of recurring hexagons. Also, you can carry it amazingly well at the prom. Although pricier than most ties, this tie to is going to last you a lifetime. 

Spring/Summer 2020 Pick

Are you an environmentalist? Because this tie could score you some brownie points. This ted baker floral silk tie adds the right pattern and pop of color needed to amp up any collared shirt or suit, this spring season.

Fall 2020 Pick:

Knitted ties have taken men’s fashion world by a storm recently. Similarly, this ted baker embroidered silk knitted tie is also a total game-changer. The only downside is that it comes with a slightly heavy price tag.  

For a cheaper, yet quality fall pick, nothing can beat the Barberis wool sotto tie in Grey, by the tie bar. Made up of Italian wool, this plaid tie can add all the right elements to your attire. 

Polka Dot All-Rounder Tie:

Polka dots work well on all occasions. Weddings, meetings, date nights, alike. Although pricey, this Kiton, pure silk tie is the perfect match for all attires.


Good Value For Money - Designer Tie:

While if you are looking to spend in the budget, yet get the best value of money, this Michael Kors silk tie in a solid color is the best pick.

Best Novelty Tie 2020:

None curates better novelty ties than Alexandra Mc Queen – this embroidered skull and gemstone tie is the perfect mix of both subtle and stylish.

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