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Top Blazers for Men | 2020 Blazers for Men

Did you know the word Blazer was first used for the red ‘blazing’ coats the members of the Cambridge Lady Margaret Boat Club wore? with time these timeless blazers became a men’s fashion staple that have become a normal everyday item most gentlemen have in their wardrobe now! While many assume Blazers are only limited to winter fashion, you’ll be surprised to discover that blazers can work tremendously well in all seasons and at all occasions. Whether you are heading out for a quick lunch with a client, or taking your partner out for a date, blazers work extremely well. 

In this blog post we will go over types of blazers you can wear, choosing the correct blazer for you, the fit & more...Not sure how to choose the right blazer for an occasion? Don’t worry, we will guide you though. 

Types of Blazers:

Although there are many types of blazers available, we have categorized the three best types of blazers that go well with all occasions and outfits:

  • Solid colored Blazer
  • Patterned Blazer
  • Textured Blazer

Choosing the right blazer:

When it comes to choosing a blazer for yourself, it is essential to keep in mind:

Fit of the blazer:

When choosing the right blazer, the fit you go for is the most essential part of your outfit. No matter how luxurious your purchase is, with ill fitting, it all goes to waste. Choosing the right fit, is all dependent on your body type,slim fit blazers look best on men of smaller sizes, while if you are a heavier set individual, then slim fit may not be a great option for you. However, that is not the end of the road for larger men. A regular fit, or a tailored cut - basically something which has a narrow fitting but not as fit as the slim fit blazers, would go best. Whether you keep it formal with a well fit pair of slacks or go casual with a pair of khakis or even jeans, you can most definitely find a blazer according to your fit right off the rack without any additional tailoring. But in case you don’t, always get a size bigger and get it altered according to your body type.

Knit of the blazer:

The material of your blazer also plays an equally important role as your fit of the blazer does. However choosing the right material is dependent on the climate you’re in. On warmer days, you would want a cooler fabric, maybe cotton or linen. Linen is considered a slightly “less fancy” material, and the overall look of the outfit aims towards being casual. Perfect for going to a bar or a casual date night. However opting for a cotton blazer may make your overall look formal, if paired with properly fit pants. Also, cotton is extremely durable and definitely the best pick for warm summer days.

For cooler climates, wool is preferred. Wool gives a great fit with its sturdy quality. Most wool blazers have breast padding, which adds more to the fit of the blazer in addition to providing insulation from the weather. Woolen blazers tend to be fancier than the other fabrics, and are always the right pick for formal events. However men have been seen dressing it down with a pair of jeans and it still looks equally stylish. 


Blazers can be worn for absolutely any occasion. Whether it is for a work meeting, a funeral, a wedding or maybe just a night out at the bar - there is always a blazer that one can dress up or dress down. For work, a clean, solid colored blazer is the perfect choice. A blazer that allows comfortable movement, with the right shirt and formal pants, you can absolutely rock a business formal look. Most business formal attires, include navy blue or grey tones in their blazers.

If you’re looking for casual attire for perhaps a date night, a lighter colored blazer with casual buttons, and a lighter fabric is the right choice, paired with jeans or maybe khakis.

If you’re looking for something to wear at proms, weddings etc. You could work your way around with a patterned blazer, something checkered or maybe a textured material like velvet, with fancier buttons and cuff links. A blazer either patterned or textured, is always meant to be dressier  and wouldn’t look so great when paired with casual pants or shirts. But they most definitely make a great formal outfit, even if you wear it once in a while, a patterned blazer is a wardrobe staple.

The top blazer combinations:

You can either pair your blazer up with a button down, jeans and boots for a business casual look, or with chinos for a casual day look. If you have an eye for a bit of flair, then leather pants are your deal, either way experiment different styles and see what works best for your everyday look! Owning a few blazers would definitely add to your cause. This way your blazers won’t seem too worn out and at the same time you’d have a variety of styles to work around with. If you’re looking for the trendiest blazers of 2020, we’ve hand-picked our favorites for you to select from:

Hextie Bentley Pillow Top Blazer:

The Bentley Pillow Top Peak Lapel Blazer is a statement blazer. Carbon Black Color and smooth pillow top pattern guarantees to be and elegant yet daring design for business meetings, weddings, galas or fundraisers.

Hextie Platinum Blazer

Hex Platinum Blazer is a limited edition piece. The photos don’t do it justice to how beautiful it is and how it shines. This blazer is a one of kind piece that will make you make a statement wherever you go even without a Hex Tie on!

Tommy Hilfiger - Sports Blazer:

Here is a casual sport blazer from Tommy Hilfiger, slim fit and minimalist. Great for summers, for a casual day or maybe dress it up for a business meeting. It isn’t so heavy on the pocket so it is a pretty good catch!

BOSS Hartley Trim Blazer

This Italian Hugo Boss blazer is made with a stylish and modern look that’s tough to beat.

This partially-lined jacket has four-button cuffs, notch lapels, a chest pocket, flap pockets, and interior pockets. Side vents keep your cool and comfortable. Heavy on the pocket, but this unbeatable piece is totally worth the cash!

Kenneth Cole Blazer

This Kenneth Cole blazer has us drooling! Paired with the right pants and shirt, this blazer can be a full blown red carpet look or just a casual dinner look, and either way, this blazer will not let eyes off you!

BOSS Linen Blazer

This one right here, is just the best pick for your summer day weddings, or maybe a movie premiere or maybe even your date night. The light fabric is comfortable to move around in. Even though it is pricey, the quality is promising and will not turn shabby too quickly! You can style this piece in many different ways.

For more on men’s fashion - Stay tuned to next weeks blog post!

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