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5 Things to keep in mind while buying your perfect suit

Like a woman dreams about her perfect wedding gown, a man dreams of owning that perfect suit. A suit that will define him, his personality, his character and his persona perfectly. 

While dreaming about a perfect suit is not that difficult, finding the perfect one is a nightmare. There are few thumb rules that one should always keep in mind while buying a suit. 

1. Colour

Black is the most preferred color. It is a classic suit which can be used for numerous events. You can even reuse it for several occasions. So, you end up getting the best suit for the money and not just another set of clothes lying in your wardrobe. Gray is another no-mistake suit. It is again a classic which can be styled everywhere. It can be a wise choice for a first-time buyer. A blue suit, in turn, may come across as solemn and serious, but it gives a sporty look. There are more colors out there. You have to picture them in your head and try them out before finalizing the one that suits you the most.

2. Fit

The fit of the suit. A suit is made or broken by the fit. A perfect fit is possible guys and it requires just some patience and research. Make sure you know your body type and all your measurements (taken just before the customization). You should try the complete suit, including the shirt and the shoes, to ensure that everything fits perfectly. You could choose slim fit, tailored fit or anything else, but everything has to fit properly such that you feel comfortable moving around. A suit with bad fit will ruin your look way beyond repair. One tip is to check if the jacket fits your shoulders. If not, you should check out other options.

Also, ensure that your shirt is neatly tucked in at all times. For this, you can even use a pair of tucked trunks to avoid the hassle of tucking in frequently.

3. Design and pattern

A suit can come in various designs and patterns. While all of them are good, they might or might not suit you. The safest option is going for the solid pattern, which comes in single color. There is a differentiation with pocket, button, lapel and vent style. You can go for a pinstripe pattern in which there are vertical lines running across the suit, with even spacing between them. Then, you could choose a window pane suit, which has horizontal and vertical lines across the suit. They look casual yet stylish. You could also decide if you want your suit jacket to be single-breasted or double-breasted. Also, decide the number of buttons you wish to have beforehand.

4. Fabric

The fabric of a suit plays a very important part. 

Cotton is great for most climates. It is lightweight, it breathes well and looks well-made. It is derived from nature and is more affordable compared to the other fabrics. However, cotton suits have lesser flexibility and may not allow more room for movement. Also, they crease pretty fast.

Wool is great for exquisite look and they are very durable. Wool is naturally water-resistant and stays dry while absorbing humidity. It is extremely breathable and depending on the thread count can be worn during warmer days. Also, it has the capability to maintain its original shape. The most common types of wool suits are merino, cashmere, and angora.

Linen suits are another good option for summers. Linen is lightweight and will help you stay cool. However, there are higher chances of wrinkles appearing. 

A blended suit is high in quality and quite affordable. 

You should stay away from polyester as it doesn’t give a well-made look.

5. Price

Well, this is a very important thing to keep in mind. Don’t fall for fancy things and spend a lot of money on it but don’t buy a cheap suit thinking you’ll save some. A good suit will last longer than a cheaper one. Keep your budget in mind and if you take care of everything mentioned above, you will find a suit that fits well in your budget.

Buying a suit is not a 2-minute job. It requires a lot of time and patience. You must try different styles and spend some time wearing each type to understand how it feels on you. Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications and alterations if something doesn’t feel right. 


Also, do take care of your suit. You should get it dry-cleaned once or twice a year. Be sure to hang them properly after wearing. Experts suggest using wood or plastic hangers with rounded edges. Also, if you want to prolong the life, you could get a steamer. Don’t stuff your suit with lots of things like keys, heavy wallets as it can alter the stretch of the fabric and change the look of the suit. 

Take care of your suit and it will last longer than you expect.


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