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8 Styling Secrets that all men must know

 The main reason we spend time on dressing up and styling different kinds of look is that we want to look smart. But it’s easy to notice that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there seems to be something missing.

 On the other hand, we all know some people who somehow manage to dress up so easily and something about their look makes them come across as perfect to go. What is their secret?

 In this blog, we talk about a few such styling secrets that can make your life a lot easier. Just read them and try to remember them next time. And you will notice that you are able to play the styling game one notch higher.


1. The gentleman’s handkerchief

 Many people forget how much little details matter. But the sharpest man in the room is the person who pays close attention to the details. Adding a small neatly folded handkerchief in your breast pocket while wearing a suit does the trick. 

Not everyone knows about pocket square which is basically a handkerchief specifically meant to be placed in that pocket.

While choosing the fabric, you could go for 100 percent cotton ones for comfort or you could pick the shinier ones if they blend better with the color of your coat. Pocket squares are normally made from silk, a lightweight cotton or linen.


 2. Stick to your individual style 

Perhaps the only thing that makes some people look better and smarter than others is that they seem to own their style. And as it turns out, it is definitely one of the biggest hacks to looking good. No matter what you decide to wear, it should bring out your unique taste. While it is good to take inspiration, only choose the colors, styles, and combinations that YOU feel confident about. And did someone tell you that the secret of looking good is feeling great and confident?


3. Invest in good shoes 

Many people tend to pay little attention to their shoes. They feel that as long as the outfit is good, they can do away with any pair of shoes from their collection. Right? 

Nothing could be further from the truth. For men specifically, the shoe that you wear can make or break your overall look hence it is the one thing that you should NEVER compromise on.

But what exactly does it mean to invest in good shoes? Comfort is a must before buying any shoe but you should invest in four types of shoes to ensure that you have something good to wear for every outfit. The five kind of shoes are sneakers, casual office shoes, boots and dress shoes. Always invest in buying branded shoes that last long.


 4. Go for strong, blog and bright 

While it might seem comfortable to stick with normal shades and colors like black, white, gray and other neutral shades, a good dressing is about playing with colors.

See what you can do to include some bold elements in your dressing. For instance, while buying a blue suit, you could go for stronger and bolder shades of blue like royal blue. Or, you can have one bright and bold element in your look.


5. Get your suit/coat tailor stitched 

You probably have heard it a lot of times before but a good suit is all about a good fit. Sadly, it’s hard to find a suit that is perfect for your body as every body type is different. 

Everything from the length of the sleeves to the overall fit should be customized to your requirements. You will definitely feel the difference when you wear it and it will bring out your confidence.

6. Find your capsule wardrobe formula 

Do you have few things in your wardrobe that cover all bare essential looks? A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few items of dressing that you can pair in different ways to create multiple combinations.

It is good practice to have a capsule wardrobe as it can be a life saver when you have too little time to decide what to wear. It’s also great for travel because then all you need to do is pack up those items and you can be confident about looking good on all days without having to carry a lot of luggage.


7. Check your hems and socks

 We talked about shoes as an essential part of the dressing. But there is one more thing that is almost as important as shoes. It’s the length of your trouser and the quality of your socks. Yes! It’s about paying attention to such small details as everything matters.

Great socks are often the first thing that you might notice about a person. So don’t forget to choose them well.


8. Use a pair of tucked trunks

Ever wondered how some people always manage to keep their shirt tucked in? They might be dancing their way through the stage but one thing that doesn’t move is their shirt. 

The trick is to use a pair of tucked trunks. Believe me, it will make your life so much easier. Thank me later!

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