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Hextie | When to Wear a Bow Tie | Bow Ties for Men



Men’s wardrobes are usually more precise (smaller) and focused than women’s. We do not mean to create a distinction, but one just can’t ignore the innumerable accessories, on average, women possess.


Men, on the other hand, like to keep it simple and minimal and classy. Cuff links, tie clips, pins ties are the vast majority accessories I can find in my wardrobe. Speaking of ties, we recently added new bow ties to our collection and have to admit, we are obsessed!


Bow Ties | Bow Ties for Men | Hex Tie | Silk Bow Ties


It takes courage and motivation to muster up the courage to pull them off the first time, but since, customer’s fondness for these eccentric accessories has only grown. Many our customers are sending Facebook messages about how easy it has been to break the ice and start conversations with strangers.


We realized, some men  had a thing for bow ties and wanted to try them on but held back because they didn't know when and how to wear a bow tie. That’s understandable because bow ties are still rare. But also, that’s what makes them stand out, that’s what leaves a mark!



Bow ties immediately light up rooms due to it’s uniqueness. When wore properly, it came completely transform an outfit from completely regular to Handsome, Elegant and very Sharp. sharp. If Bow Ties for Men could add so many upbeat adjectives to your look and feel, wouldn’t you be tempted to try it out at an event? But, which events are theses where you can stride in with a bow tie around your neck and look subtly nuanced? Let’s find out.


  •  Weddings or Formal Events

  • There’s no better opportunity to try a bow tie for the first time than a friend’s wedding. Trust Us, we are speaking from experience. Attendees are more relaxed, everyone is, more or less, dressed formally, so you wouldn’t have to worry about looking overdressed. Also, there is a high chance that at weddings others in the crowd could be rocking a regular a bow tie.


    A foolproof plan is to match the bow tie with your best suit. With the assurance that your favorite suit cannot go wrong; wear it with confidence to look dapper and stylish. Warning: Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, because with this unique look, too many women will be asking for a dance!.


    Bowtie - Hextie




     Date Nights

    If you manage to nail it at the wedding, it’s very likely that a lovely lady strikes a conversation on your bow tie. It’s all uphill from there. Before you know it, you are either going a date, going  a blind date, or meeting a new friend from drinks and dinner. And when the time comes, you would want to thank the bow tie by bringing it along, wouldn’t you?


    You could pull off a classic Jay Gatsby look, but if you want to keep it low key and less formal, there are other ways too. The bow tie would look just as impressive with a sports jacket as with a suit. If you want to lose the jacket altogether, tie it on a button-up shirt topped with a chic vest. This casual dapper look is sure to glue her eyes upon you.


    Date night is a time when you can confidently play around with the bow tie. You could opt for bow ties with cool stripes, patterns, polka dots, paisleys, etc. or just sport a single, solid-colored one. Because it’s such a small piece of clothing, it is allowed to go loud.