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How To Keep Your Shirt Perfectly Tucked In All Day?

For those of us who are style conscious and aim to look our best at all times, keeping our shirts perfectly tucked in is an important aspect of dressing well. No one really likes the uncomfortable feeling associated with having to tuck in the shirt every once in a while. 

How you carry an outfit matters much more than the outfit itself and a perfectly neat tucked in shirt gives out a feeling of confidence and comfort. So, while you might have the perfect suit, tie and shirt matched for the occasion, there is still an important missing element in your outfit that can make all the difference.

You see celebrities and other perfectly dressed people whose attires are always neat with their shirts tucked in at all times while you always end up feeling slightly sloppy with your shirt slipping out every once in a while. Even worse, it develops creases with the many efforts to tuck it in.

You wonder if there is an element that you are missing out on like an undisclosed secret and maybe you are right. And we are here to give an answer.

What is that element you might ask? This important element for your wardrobe is a pair of Tucked Trunks. 

Tucked Trunks shirt tucking boxer brief

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While a lot of people might be unaware of this, a lot of experiments have been done in the past to create an outfit that solves the problem of keeping your shirt perfectly tucked in for you. Yes, the problem is graver than you probably thought.

And over the past years, these efforts have led to products like shirt stays, shirt keepers, rubber belts, magnetuck, tukz and what not. But all of these methods had some or the other disadvantage most common of them being a lack of overall comfort.

For those of us who are required to dress up in formal attires every day, one of the biggest challenges is to keep the shirt perfectly tucked in at all times. While going through the many daily activities throughout the day which involves sitting, driving, bending, getting outside the car and so on, it remains a constant struggle to prevent the shirt from getting tucked out from various places. And for all of these situations, a comfortable solution was needed to be devised.

That’s when Tucked Trunks comes into the picture. Tucked trunks is a boxer brief that is specially designed to solve the problem of keeping the shirt neatly tucked in. The tucked trunks work in the following manner. The brief has a dual waistband with a strong non-slip grip holds the tucked shirt firmly inside. The security button system in the brief interlocks with the shirt and ensures that the shirt stays in place. This setup comfortably keeps the shirt tucked in all day.

Shirt Tucker

The best thing about tucked trunks is that it is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t even feel like an extra element as it is as good as any other pair of trunks. What this means is that it can seamlessly become a part of any attire and you don’t even need to worry about managing it. 

The brief consists of lightweight materials for overall comfort. A dual waistband, security button system and non slip multi grip technology will aid in your every moment to keep your shirt neatly tucked in and looking sharp. 

All other methods of keeping the shirt tucked in are comparatively difficult to use. 

For instance, shirt stays are a more traditional option and have been used by the military and the armed forces. They consist of inside suspenders and a set of two clasps on either end. One of the clasps gets attached to the bottom of the shirt from both front and the back side. The other end can either be looped around the feet or the set of clasps can be attached to the socks.
This suspension along with the clasps on both the ends keeps the shirt tucked in due to the downward pull of the clasps.

Now, though shirt stays are one of the oldest ways to solve the problem they are not really comfortable to use as the suspensions create an overall sense of tension and there is a feeling of an extra element added to the attire which is the last thing you want if you are attending a long event.

There are various kinds of belts also that are used like the shirt keepers and the rubber belts. While they are good methods, the extra belt creates pressure on the stomach leading to a slightly uncomfortable experience especially for those who have a belly. 

Shirt keeper is a kind of a belt that goes around your shirt to keep it tucked in. It can be fixed just below your waist and tightened so that it stays firmly there securing your shirt’s neat tuck-in. Prototypes of this are used by sports officials, business professionals, military personnel, firefighters and police officers. Rubber belts are a variation of shirt keepers that are made from a specific rubberized material. The rubber material works better as it also has small knobs attached to it which help in forming a better grip through friction. It is a useful method to keep the shirt tucked in.

There are some other methods too. For example, magnetuck is a device made of two magnets. There are two small magnets. One is flat and the other one is half sphere shaped. It works by magnetically attaching to your shirt (without damaging the shirt), and are kept in place right below your waistline by your belt.

The problem with this is that there are too many elements to manage and there is always a fear of losing the components like these mini magnets which might lead to further problems.

Hence, the Tucked Trunks engineering studies all existing models and tried to devise a solution that was completely hassle-free and cost effective.

The interesting thing about Tucked Trunks is that it is not really a separate investment. It’s just an upgrade to your usual pair of trunks. Just with an edge of smartness that makes your life with formal wear really simple.

shirt stay alternative

If this excites you, you can Buy Tucked Trunks without burning a hole in your pocket and get it delivered at your doorstep. 

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