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How to style a gold tie

 Gold Hex tie

Gold Tie is one of the most elegant element of a man’s wardrobe that is perfect to make a style statement. They are a perfect evening wear. However, it is a slight problem when we get to thinking about how to style a gold tie with a suit.


Because gold tie is unique and not an everyday wear element of every man’s wardrobe, if you don’t know how to pair it perfectly with a suit to it, it could end up confused. It, therefore, becomes essential to look at how you can stand out and look your best while wearing a gold tie and what are the various ways to wear.


Some of you might cringe at the mention of gold color or might not be aware why suit and gold tie is a trendy combination. This might also be because you are not aware of how to style a gold tie with a suit. This article will walk you through it as a complete guide.


First of all, understand that for any suit to look well, it should have the perfect fit. Too loose or too tight can mess up the look completely irrespective of your choice of shirt and tie. Go through a few tutorials or articles that talk about the perfect suit fit because you might end up looking sloppy or like you borrowed somebody else’s suit and you really wouldn’t want that. Remember that the key to perfect suit is proportion.


Now, once we are done with that part, it is important to understand what colors go well with a gold tie and how to carry it perfectly.


But before we start with that let me answer one important question for you.


Why should you go forward with a gold tie? 

See, a tie can say a lot about your image. Irrespective of what color suit you are wearing, if you pair it with a tie, then the tie plays a huge role in the overall appearance and in making an impression. The bottom line is that the tie makes the man and the tie should say something amazing about you.


And gold tie speaks volumes about your confidence and your ability to pull off a look. While most people will stick to what is traditional and ordinary, when you enter in your best suit paired with a gold tie, you are sure to draw a few eyeballs. It can be a great conversation starter too.


Some colors are referred to as power colors. And, a gold tie says that you are someone who can handle anything. So it makes you look strong but still, quite approachable.


Also, it’s a color that makes people wonder what is in store. An intelligently paired gold tie can leave people wondering where you got your style sense from.


You could go forward with the gold bowtie as well.

 gold hextie


Gold Tie and Black Suit


Black suits can be quite boring if you don’t jazz them a bit. They are such a common element of everyone’s wardrobe and if you play by the same rules at everyone else, you might end up looking just the same as everyone which will make you hardly noticeable.


1. With White Shirt


Now, the basic rule is to start with the biggest piece of clothing all the way to the smallest one. So when you have figured your black suit, the next thing to consider is what shirt will go well with it. There are a lot of options of shirts that go well with black to choose from. However, white is the classic color option that goes too well with it.


Because the secret of dressing well is having just the right contrast, wearing a white shirt with black suit and then pairing with a solid gold metallic tie will be just perfect.


Go ahead and make a bold statement, by considering pairing your black suit with gold tie. And not just any tie, pair it with a solid gold luxury tie.


Don’t forget to pair it with a classy watch to complete the look.

gold tie black suit white shirt

2. With Black Shirt


The all black look is very stylish and the best part about an all black look is that it makes you look in good shape. So if you want to pair your blacks suit with a black shirt, then to top it all into a perfect combination you can add a gold tie to it.


This look will make you stand out in a perfect way.

black suit gold tie black shirt


Gold Tie and Navy Blue Suit


Navy blue suits have quite an elegant feel about them and they are quite versatile in a way that you can almost wear any color tie with them. But your choice o a tie with the blue suit is what will actually make a difference.


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1. With White Shirt

If you want to go with the classic white shirt, even then you can complete the look with the gold tie. 



2. With Black Shirt


Another great way to pair a blue suit is to go forward with a black shit and a gold tie.


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3. With Navy Blue Shirt


You can pair your blue suit with a subtle shade of light blue shirt and then sass things up a little bit by adding the gold tie to it. This will make you look will make you look different as well as classy.


Gold Tie with White Suit

1. With White Shirt 

This combination is perhaps one of the classiest combinations that exist and as a touch of class and luxury to it. Consider pairing a white suit with a white shirt and topping it a unique gold tie.


The simplicity of white will go really well with the touch of style added by the gold tie.

white suit white shirt gold tie

2. With Black Shirt

Another way to wear a white suit with gold tie is to pair it with a plain black shirt and then top it up with the gold tie.



Gold Tie with Pink Suit

If you want to retain the simplicity that comes with wearing a light colored suit with a white shirt but pull off an even bolder look, consider pairing gold tie, pink suit, and white shirt.


Shine | Alter Sol @hextie

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Gold Tie and Patterned/Shiny Suit


Now, if you are dressing up for a special occasion, there are many ways you can pair a gold tie with patterned or shiny suits. Suits with a touch of shine to them compliment the gold tie look really well. You can have a look at a few examples to take inspiration from them.


  1. Shiny Patterned Black Suit with gold tie
  2. Checkered White Suit with gold tie
  3. Shiny Patterned Maroon Suit with gold tie
  4. Gold suit with gold tie


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Gold Tie and Dapper


Dappers of various colors and patterns are in trend these days. Hence, it becomes important to think of pairing it well. If you are someone who is more comfortable with dapper style and are in perfect shape to pull it off, then there are many ways in which you add an extra style statement to it by pairing it with the gold tie.


  1. Shiny Blue Patterned dapper with gold tie
  2. Marroon Dapper with gold tie
  3. Shiny brown Dapper with gold tie.
  4. Black Dapper with gold tie





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