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How to style a Tuxedo

When wedding season or any special occasion is around the corner, the thought of looking stylish in a tuxedo comes in mind. Tux is an extremely stylish formal attire than men choose to wear on special occasions where they aim to look elegant.

But, styling a tux well is very important. It’s not just about buying a tux and wearing it as there are many intricacies involved. For instance, a lot of people are not aware that a tux and a suit are very different. 

If you are also confused about the difference between a tux and a suit, then read our blog which elaborates about the difference between the two

In short, suits are a bit more of a casual attire in comparison to tux. They are even appropriate for daytime wear to the office or for a lunch. While you may have to limit yourself aesthetically if dressing up formally for office, there’s a lot of experimentation that you can do with a suit in terms of pairing shirts, ties, pocket squares, socks, etc.

Tuxedos, on the other hand, are semi-formal, are specifically referred to as dinner clothes. They are meant to be worn exclusively in the evening time. If you’re invited to a “black-tie” event, that means you must wear a tuxedo.

Once you are aware of this basic difference between the two, you can decide well if a tux is a good fit for your occasion and then you can proceed to style it.

Here are a few styling rules to follow when you think of wearing a tuxedo

1. Choose black or midnight blue tuxedo

While there might be a lot of options available including white and gray, sticking to these two colors is the best option if you are not into experimenting too much. 

Black and midnight blue tux are great for all occasions and will ensure that you look elegant and stylish without drawing too much extra attention.

2. Do NOT rent your tuxedo

A good fit makes a huge difference and determines the overall look and style. It is almost impossible to get that perfect fit if you are renting a tuxedo. It might be loose or tight at certain points and even if it’s not visible, it might still cause discomfort.

A tux should be made-to-measure. You should ensure that the fit and the fabric are the two things you never compromise on when buying a tux.

If you absolutely need to rent out a tux because you do not want to spend a lot then there are options like the Black Tux. It is an online rental agency that promotes “fit algorithm” and a “fit guarantee.” If you need to visit a tailor for any adjustments, they credit your order $15.

Look for a notch- or peak-lapel jacket (pictured) with one or two buttons — they’ll never go out of style. Avoid anything overly slim or flared, and avoid three-button tux jackets (okay for businesswear but not for formalwear)

3. Prefer a bowtie over a necktie

While there are huge chances that you would want to stick to your usual black neck-tie, it’s important to note that bow ties form a part of the tradition and go really well with the tux. 

Also, include a nice white pocket square in your breast pocket to complete the look.

4. Go with a simple white shirt

Shirts that go well with tux are white and either has a regular “turndown” collar or a “wing” collar, which is more traditional. You can also go for pleated or pique fronts.

You can even pick up studs set to complement the look but your studs must match your cufflinks.

A good dress shirt must always have French cuffs. The rule of thumb is that half an inch of shirt cuff should be visible below the sleeve hem of your tuxedo jacket. This is usually just enough to see a flash of your cufflinks. You can keep it simple and elegant, with black or silver cufflinks.

5. Go with simple black lace-up shoes

You can skip those traditional shiny tux shoes and stick with well-polished black lace-ups instead. Just ensure that they are comfortable enough for you. Avoid brogues, loafers or slip-on styles. The ordinary leather is arguably the most classic and simple option.

Pair them with quality thin knee-length black socks.

Just follow these simple rules to style your tux in a perfect manner and you are good to go!




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