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How to wear a Hextie?

How to wear a Hextie

Unique and eclectic, HexTie is made of lightweight matte black polymers embodying the shape of recurring hexagons. Assembled by hand, each tie reflects a custom setting, giving each piece a one-of-a-kind design.

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For today’s connoisseur of ties and fashion, Hex combines old-fashioned elegance with an eclectic outspoken design. Though made from the complex process of two rigid polymers joined together by a flexible fabric, it’s the simplest to wear a tie. It has no complex knots, there is no need to iron or dry clean the fabric to ensure that it looks nice and shiny. 

Hextie is always ready to be worn!

Many times, we see men struggle with neckties for a basic knot. Wearing a tie on weddings and business meetings is a daily life struggle that men cannot escape. Well, no more of that fuss with Hextie.

So, how exactly do you wear a Hextie?

All Hexties come with an adjustable necktie system that allows the tie to be placed (.5”-.75”/.012m- .019m) higher or lower on the neck.

So based on your height, you can make that adjustment first. Because of this, our ties easily fit most people between 5’3–6’3/1.60m- 1.82m in height. They measure 19.9’/ .50m long and 2.20’/ .055m wide at the broadest point.


After you adjust the necktie to your height using the adjustable system, just use the metal clasp to tie it at the back of your neck. 


How to wear Hextie Bow Tie?

Use the same adjustment system to place the bow tie at the correct position and then use the metal clasp to tie it around the neck.




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