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Top 5 Summer Looks by Hextie

Top 5 summer looks with tie

It's summer time and for all the tie lovers, this can be a tricky time since it's slightly hard to come up with a cool summer look with a tie.

So, to make this easy for you, we at Hextie have come up with five really cool looks, we call them the Top 5 Summer Looks that will guide you through some of the best suit and tie looks that you can sport this summer.

Before we get into it, it is important for you to understand that playing around with colors and combinations is what makes all the difference. It is, for this reason, you will see that most summer looks involve lighter color shades. 

Think of the spring and the summer as the months to brighten up your wardrobe. Think of colors like sky blue, coral red, canary yellow etc. Of course, with whatever color you choose don’t forget to make sure that it works well with your complexion.

Now when it comes to summers, the last thing you want is a tie around your neck suffocating you from all the heat. That's why sporting a hextie is a perfect solution for you.  there definitely are occasions when a tie is warranted, even if it’s blistering hot outside. Think of things like business meetings, job interviews, summer weddings etc.

There are some occasions when a tie is warranted, even if it’s blistering hot outside. Think of things like business meetings, job interviews, summer weddings etc. But the best things is that that in most of these events you can wear a hextie that will look classy but not at the cost of creating discomfort.

That being said, let's get into few cool summer looks.

Summer Look 1

Pink suit with gold tie

Sport a pink suit with gold hextie and plain white classic T-shirt. This look is perfect for any occasion but mostly it will appeal in all day events or places where there is natural light that enhances the colors. 

Summer Look 2

white suit with silver tie

If you want to sport a more royal look that is perfect for big days like wedding ceremonies in during summer, we highly recommend that you go for this look which combines the elegance of a simple plain white suit with the hint of the style through a silver hextie. With this look, you are sure to grab a lot of eyeballs and compliments.

Summer Look 3

light blue suit with black hextie

If you are looking for a slightly mellow yet stylish look, go for a light shade of blue for your suit and style it with a black hextie and a simple white T-Shirt. The best thing about this look is that it is perfect for a day wear as well as a night wear. You can pull it off anytime. 

Summer Look 4

grey suit with hextie

Do you know what else is an amazing combination to wear in summer? Grey and silver. 

To sport this look, combine a well fitted light gray suit with a silver hextie along with your classic white T-Shirt. This look for summers will surely make you look like the most charming man at the event.

The good thing is that gray suit goes really well with black too. So you might want to experiment with a silver or a black hextie.

Summer Look 5

white bowtie

There is one more interesting look that you can experiment with this summer. And this look consists of a sleek white bow tie with a bit of silver. Wear a navy blue suit with a classic white shirt and just add this bow tie to complete your summer look.

This look is well crafted for occasions like wedding ceremonies and makes you stand out with a simple addition to your look - a bowtie.

Try these summer looks and experiment with different colors and looks and make this summer time fashionable.

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