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10 Wardrobe Essentials for Men

10 Wardrobe Essentials for Men

There are so many trendy things that we all feel like buying for our wardrobe. Every season comes up with a new styling trend and we feel inclined to embrace it. While that’s a great trait of a fashionable man, there are few wardrobe essentials that every single man must carry because these things become your go-to clothing/accessory whenever you are in a fix.

Because the tricky part about following all trends and stocking up according to them is that though they are great, they are occasion specific and not very handy when it comes to usual dressing up.

1. Straight Leg Jeans

straight fit jeans

These are a life-saver when you are totally not in a mood to wear the skinny ones and formal pants look unfit for the occasion while your joggers look a little too casual. It’s in times like these that your straight leg jeans can be the one thing you can carry confidently. You don’t even have to worry too much about styling it because it goes with everything! So do you have one nice pair of straight leg jeans that you can count on anytime? If not go get it!

2. A pair of tucked trunks

tucked trunks

One of the most annoying things all men have to deal with is having to tuck in the shirt time and again. This is not only cumbersome but also makes you come across as a bit sloppy. Because of this tucked trunks is making its way to one of the topmost wardrobe essential for men. What is tucked trunks you might ask?

Well, as the name suggests, tucked trunks is a boxer brief designed to keep your shirt tucked in that too in a convenient way.

3. White Crew Neck T-Shirt

white crew shirt

You can never go wrong with a white T-shirt and blue jeans, right? One of coolest things to have in your wardrobe is a white crew neck T-shirt. It goes well with jeans, shorts, and all other casual bottom-wears. 

Not only that, it is absolutely great for layering. You can wear a casual T-shirt on top of it and create a great look, especially if you are someone with a lean body built. 

Best thing is that this is probably the cheapest and the best thing that you can invest in for your wardrobe.

4. A sleek and belted trench coat

trench coat

Unless you live in a place where it hardly ever rains, a nice belted trench coat is an absolutely essential element for your wardrobe. Go for colors like black, navy and khadi that go with everything. 

While buying one, ensure that you pick one whose length you are comfortable with. Too long trench coats are kind of old-fashioned but if it goes with your personal style, you can totally go with it.

5. A classic grey sweatshirt

grey sweatshirt

Another thing that is as handy as blue jeans and a white T-shirt is a nice comfortable grey sweatshirt. You can never go wrong with this as it looks stylish and can be used to create great casual looks.

Ensure that it is non-hooded and the hooded sweatshirts don’t always look great. Also, while sweatshirt means comfort, don’t take something that is double your size because that will look little sloppy.

6. Colorful socks

men colorful socks

We talked about basics, but every man needs something that brings out the playful side of him. And colorful socks are the way to do that. Make sure you have a pair or two. Don’t worry about making bold stylish statements with your socks.

Also, those are great to wear at home when you are just chilling.

7. A nice blazer

blue blazer

Well, a suit/blazer is a man’s best friend. It’s the one thing you can carry with style for any occasion and feel absolutely confident as long as it is made perfectly to you fit. Read our article on how to find your perfect suit/blazer to get a better idea

You don’t always need to spend a lot on this one. With the right fabric and fit, hand-tailored suits look great and don’t even cost a bomb. Plus, it’s an evergreen outfit just as long as you don’t grow out of it or ruin it by not taking enough care of it.

8. A nice pair of luxury tie


When talking about dressing up for occasions, one thing we must never forget is a tie. But don’t go for the ordinary and boring options. Step up the game by choosing a Hextie. You could go for bowtie or a normal tie. The good thing about Hextie is that it sets you apart, it is everlasting and requires little maintenance. Oh, and did we tell you that it’s great conversation starter as it makes you look so confident.

9. Running sneakers

running sneakers

Well even if you are not a running person, having the perfect running sneakers might motivate you to go for a run once in a while. Because believe me, without the right shoes, you are never going to make that effort. So think about your physical health first because your entire appearance is based on that. Invest in good quality running sneakers.

10. Sweat-shorts

sweat shirts

Well, this goes without saying, but you do need the most comfortable pair of sweat shorts to relax and chill in. It’s something you deserve after a long day of work. Make sure you buy something that has a great fabric even if it costs a little more because you absolutely deserve that!

While this list is not exhaustive in any way because you can still add so many essentials to your wardrobe but follow this list. It will definitely keep you happy in ways! So go ahead, shop it out!

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