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What is a metallic tie or mirror tie?

Recently, there is a new range of futuristic and luxury fashion ties made of metal that is quite different from the usual range of ties made of fabrics. These range of ties are called metallic ties or mirror ties. They have a reflective surface that gives them a shiny appearance. 

There are a lot of men who dislike the traditional tie options as they struggle with neckties for a basic knot. Because of this, ties become have an outfit that they would rather not use unless it’s about wearing a tie on weddings and business meetings because that’s a struggle that they cannot escape. 

A need for a better alternative has been there for a long time. What if you could have a tie that looked dashing but you didn’t have to struggle with the knots or the heat that you need to bear once it’s tied to your neck? 

What if you could actually make a bold style statement through your tie rather than just blending in with the crowd?

Your suit will always be incomplete without a tie no matter how much you try dressing down for any occasion. To put an end to your distress, Enrique Alejandro Peral re-invented the old and boring necktie with an accessory that every modern man would love to flaunt! And the range is quite popular under the brand name Hex Tie.

This spectacular accessory is inspired by New York City, the place where creativity flows and hopes are developed. This chic new statement piece is made from a complex process of joining two rigid polymers together with a flexible fabric in between. Enrique draws his inspiration from the vibrant city of New York where fashion is constantly evolving. Hex tie is a solution to every modern man’s lifestyle where he no longer has to spend the time to match his tie with the suit and can still manage to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

This piece of exquisite art apparel changes the way in which men view accessories. No longer are we confined to the thick neckties, that had material which strangled our necks with immense heat over time. That has been replaced.

There are few other brands as well who have tried to replicate the concept of metallic ties over time.

How to wear a metallic tie or mirror tie?

Wearing a statement piece such as this, draws attention and becomes a perfect conversation starter.

The aesthetics of the tie contrast too heavily with the overall outfit. With a tie like that, there isn’t a lot of middle ground in the styling. You either go big with a flourish to balance the tie out, or you minimize everything else surrounding it.

Metallic ties are best suited for special occasions like wedding. To help you understand how to style a metallic tie for an occasion, we have written a guide about styling your metallic ties and bow ties for a wedding. This will help you choose the right Hextie and complete the overall look for any special occasion.

We also have a complete guide to Hextie’s metallic bow ties where you can understand what all occasions are best suited for a metallic bow tie and how should you go about styling them.

We are also compiling below some of the best looks using metallic ties that you can take inspiration from —

1. Black Metallic tie with a white biker jacket

This look combines the classy appeal of a tie with the sporty feel of the biker jacket to create an attractive look that reflects confidence.

2. Gold Metallic tie with a black suit

A black suit is perhaps one of the most common elements of a man’s wardrobe. Because of being so common, it also tends to come across as boring. But with that perfect accessory, you can totally rock it. Just pair it with a gold metallic tie to complete the look and make a style statement.

3. Match it up with your suit/jacket/dapper

Another stylish way to wear a metallic tie is to choose a color that matches your suit/jacket/dapper. This is sure to draw a little extra attention but what is life without a subtle play of colors. Carry this vibrant look and make a bold style statement.

4. Pair it with your pocket square

You can keep your entire outfit simple and add that extra bit of style by choosing metallic tie and pocket square of the same color. This look balances colorful vibrancy of the metallic tie and pocket square with the subtlety of the entire outfit.


5. Try white and gold!

White suit with gold metallic tie creates one of the most sophisticated looks that you must definitely try out!

Hope this explains enough about metallic ties and why they are so stylish. Now you just need to buy one and start using your own creativity to come up with some interesting looks.


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